LinkedIn Case Study: How I Got Over 400K Views In 7 Days

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Hey folks, take a look at this screenshot of one of my LinkedIn posts:


This post received over 400K views, 1K+ new subscribers, and more than 1K new LinkedIn followers.

Crazy, right?

And the more shocking news…

I don’t have a large base of followers.

I didn’t spend a single dime on advertising.

I started using LinkedIn actively just five months back.

Yet I managed to get 400K+ views in 7 days starting from SCRATCH.

How? What was the post?

In this post, I’m going to show you the lessons I learned by closely analyzing the LinkedIn. And how I did it, step-by-step.

Just one word of warning…

I’m not going to share short tricks and easy hacks that you can implement in minutes.

Sorry, I’m not going to baby you.

Well, I’ll tell you REAL lessons I learned. Are you ready for that?

“Yes, I’m In” – I hear you shout.

But before start, take a look at the post I’m talking about:

Let’s get started:

Lesson #1. Optimize Your Profile to Gain Interest

Everything starts with your profile.

Think your profile as your website homepage. Optimize your profile and turn it into a lead generation machine.

People first look at your profile before connecting you. Don’t lose them.

Start with your picture, your headshot must look professional (with a polite smile).

Next, optimize your cover photo. It must tell something about you or your personality.

Now, it’s time to write an actionable and attention-grabbing headline. Your headline is a tiny sales pitch which inspires people to connect with you.


Write a clear and interesting bio which tells your story, what you do and how can you can help people out there. Include clear language and it must contain a clear call to action.


Lesson #2. NEVER Focus on Trying to Become Viral

There’s no magic formula for going viral.


Good news?

Anyone can go viral on LinkedIn.

Here’s my confession: A few months back, I was completely focused on trying to become viral. When I posted something I used to check the views and likes every five minutes.


And it made me bitter and disappointed. I implemented on all sorts of ‘weird tricks’ but no success.

Then I came across Priyanka Desai’s posts on LinkedIn and she shares so much value in her content.

She inspires me to become more resourceful and helpful. And then, I started sharing the valuable content and people started noticing me.

And this was my first post, that got a good amount of engagement:

Lesson #3. You Don’t Need Millions of Followers

Everybody who tells you that you need millions of followers to get good engagement is FULL OF SHIT.

The truth?

If you know what you’re doing, you can go from nothing to hundreds or even thousands of views within a few months. You don’t need millions of followers.

“But Pawan, that’s precisely the problem! I have no idea what I’m doing,” you say.


And let’s be clear… the problem is:

You end up jumping from one tactic and platform to the next, wasting your time, never getting anywhere.

The good news…

LinkedIn algorithm is mysterious and your followers base has nothing to do with number of people see your LinkedIn post. This is what I love about this platform.

Just follow simple rules: Write regularly and share engaging content.

Lesson #4. Share a Pain Point or Thought Provoking Post

Check out one of my posts which got a great number of views:

Why did this post do so well?

Because of this thought-provoking phrase:

Is LinkedIn a New Tinder? (Spoiler Alert: NO)

I heard a number of my readers (Mostly Female readers) saying that they receive unwanted proposals and flirty messages on LinkedIn.

I shared this problem and LinkedIn folks noticed this post.

If you share a common pain point or thought provoking content, you’ll have a better chance of getting better engagement.

Lesson #5. Tell a Story With an Engaging Hook

We, humans, have a shorter attention span than Goldfish (8 seconds).

I scroll hundreds of post every day but when I see an engaging and powerful first sentence, I stop scrolling and click on “see more” to read the post.

Your post should a strong narrative that encourage people to see more. Build your story well and include a valuable takeaway in the end.

I love Eli Hochberg’s, ‘Birthday Cake’ post. Take a look:

He tells people that It’s his birthday in the first sentence and he leaves with a creative writing message.

Lesson #6. Pose a Question That Appeals to Audience

Take a look at this post:

Why did this post do well?

I asked one specific question to the audience:

What’s one tip changed your writing forever?

And I took a step further and share my best tip. It encouraged people to drop their best writing tip.

If you ask for an opinion with a strong CTA, people would love to share their inputs.

Lesson #7. Make Your Post Text Based

One thing that I noticed on LinkedIn is (I experimented it):

“Only text based posts do better than image posts on LinkedIn.”

Take a look at one of my image based posts:

image based post

Engagement of this post is very low compared to my text based posts.

But don’t make your post lengthy. Keep it short or break it into a list.

I personally love listed and how to’s posts.

Write short paragraphs and sentences. Use white spaces. It makes your post consumable.

I know your 8th-grade English teacher taught you to write an essay by crafting paragraphs with 6-7 sentences per paragraph.

But you have to break this rule on LinkedIn because people don’t read big sentences or paras.

Lesson #8. Don’t Mention Link in the Body of Post

One of my friends always asks me, “Pawan, I share my blog posts and articles on Linkedin but it merely gets any traction. Why?”

The thing is…

He always shares the article links he writes on his blog or Medium. And LinkedIn doesn’t want that their users see this post.

Because if people click on your post link then they have to leave the LinkedIn to read the article. And LinkedIn wizards don’t want people to leave their platform.

“Pawan,” you ask“What I do instead?”

Instead, post a link in the first comment of your post.

Lesson #9. Finally, My “Free Guide” Post

Start with an engaging hook “It took hundreds of hours and a lot of coffee”. It shows that it must be worthwhile.

I’m giving away a Free guide and people love free gifts – Value I provide.

The post is specific and just has two sentences.

I ask people to simply type “I’m in” and they’ll get their gift. – A strong CTA.

That’s why this post receives a lot of love.

Now It’s Your Turn

LinkedIn has a job to show folks fresh and quality content. You just need to focus on creating engaging content regularly. I repeat REGULAR.

And like I said, you don’t need millions of followers to receive a great engagement on your post.

Take action and your work will pay off.

Now I’d like to hear from you: What was your post that got good engagement? I’d love to read them. Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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  1. Hi Pawan, This is absolutely amazing work. So much of information and hacks to succeed on Linkedin. This article is loaded with value and every blogger and writer should read it. Bro… you rock.

    It won’t be a justice, If I don’t appreciate this post.

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