Swiggy Email Marketing: How to Turn Email Into GOLD Mine [Case Study]

Swiggy email marketing

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Today, you’re going to read the Swiggy Email Marketing case study. See how Swiggy (a food ordering and delivery company) turns email into a gold mine.

(Including lots of real-life examples)

So if you are an ecommerce business and want to know:

– What emails you need to send.

– How to write email copy.

– And ultimately generate more sales.

You’ll love this case study and beautiful email marketing campaigns. Let’s dive right in:

Swiggy Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Birthday Email

Suppose you get a message in your inbox saying, “Got a birthday? Get a birthday present!”

Will you open it?

I bet you’ll do.

I received this email from Swiggy just a few days back. It asked me to tell them when my birthday is and they’ll send me a gift.

Birthday email

Everyone loves surprises and gifts on their birthdays. Birthday emails (with some incentive) show that you care about your subscribers and customers.

2. Offer Email

I won’t be wrong if I say, “Offers make your business.”

An irresistible offer encourages us to take the desired action.

See this email that I received:

offer email

3. Coupon Code Email

Are you a coupon lover?

A number of users love using coupons. So keep sending interesting coupons to your users.

Swiggy regularly provides coupons that you redeem online or in app.

coupon email

4. Time Sensitive Special Discount

Put a special offer or discount in your email and make it time-sensitive.  Use words like “Limited time discount”, “Last Chance”, “Today Only”, “Few Hours Only”, etc.

In this email, they provide a flat 50% offer but make it time-sensitive (Happy Hours). Great job! Take a look:

Time sensitive doscount

5. Curiosity Subject Line

Try to put some curiosity in your email subject line to entice your users to read your message. Curiosity helps to drive some attention.

Take a look at these subject lines:

curiosity subject line
curiosity subject line

6. Festival Perks

Is the Holiday or Festive season around the corner? This is the season to boost your numbers, baby!

Give your customers some perks and incentives. They’ll appreciate it.

In this email, Swiggy wishes Merry Christmas and asks to reveal some delicious offers. See here:

festival perks

7. Tell Stories In Email

Storytelling is a great way to deliver your message and make a human connection with your customers.

Put some video, customer success stories, or convey a story through your email copy, which appeals.

Swiggy places an emotional video in their email:

tell stories in email

8. Re-engagement Email

Do you have in-active users or subscribers?

Re-engage these folks.

Reignite the flame by sending “miss you emails” and you’ll get a number of users back.

Recently I uninstalled the Swiggy app, and they sent me a series of re-engagement emails. They ask me to give their app another shot.

Take a look:

re-engagement email

9. Share Memories with Users

We love to remember our good memories.

It’s your users who’ve made you are your company what it is today. So it’s always good to share your good memories with them.

Check out this email:

memories email

10. What’s New?

Got something new for your users? Do tell them.

Use a subject line that says something like. “Something new inside!” or, “something new for you.” – It tells your customers that something is waiting inside the email.

See how Swiggy does a great Job with their subject line “We’ve got something new for you!”

What's new

11. Add Little Humor

Don’t make your emails sound like a robot sent it. Mix some humor or crack some jokes in your email copy and make them smile.

Read the below email, sounds interesting?

humor email

12. Loyalty Reward Email

Your loyal customers are the core of your business. They are your brand advocates. You must treat them with love.

Delight your old customers with a special offer, referral program or reward points. They will appreciate your gesture.

referral email

13. Thank You Email

These two words have immense power: Thank You.

Show your genuine gratitude to your customers because you exist because of them.

Swiggy writes from the heart in this email and thanks to their customers for helping them to make the impossible possible.

thank you email

14. Company Anniversary

Is it your company’s anniversary? Let your customers know and take this opportunity to connect with them.

In this email, Swiggy invites their customers to play a quiz “SWIGGY BURPDAY QUIZ” on their 4th anniversary. Sounds fun, right?

anniversary email

15. Leverage the Power of Footer

Use the footer of email right. Place social sharing and social media profile buttons here.

Do you have mobile app? Place your play store and app store link in the footer.

See how Swiggy uses the footer:

email footer


So those are some email campaigns Swiggy send to its subscribers

Now I’d like to hear from you…

Which of these emails have you tried before? Or maybe you have a question. Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

This article was updated on October 5, 2020.

I’m a writer, Introvert storyteller, and digital marketer. I've been featured on Jeff Bullas, MarketingProfs, Entrepreneur, Customer Think, HuffPost, Thrive Global, Write to Done, SEMrush, Shout Me Loud, and Addicted 2 Success! I'm an avid reader and movie buff. Let's connect on Social Media.

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  1. Hey Pawan!

    I always used to adore the Swiggy emails as they really send adoring and highly attractive ones.
    It’s really great to see all the beautiful pieces attached in a single place.

    Really loved the content.

    1. Hey Namrata, I am completely agree with you. Swiggy sends interactive and interesting emails to their subscribers. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts here. It’s always great to hear from someone I admire. Thanks again. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. You should have added the Valentine’s email also. I loved the copy “Are we on the same plate?”

    The whole thing was endearing and hilarious at the same time. I have actually saved it. 🙂

    Good read!

    1. Hey Shreyasee, thanks for your inputs here. Would you please send the email to me? I’d love to add this into the list. Thanks 🙂

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