5 New LinkedIn Features That You Have Missed This Year!

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I was originally planning on writing a completely different article this week. But one small discussion with my colleagues and boss made me write this article.

Last week, we’re discussing on LinkedIn (it’s my favorite topic of discussion) and I found that many people are not aware of some valuable (and new) features of LinkedIn.

Unless you’re an active user of LinkedIn (only 40% of monthly active users access LinkedIn daily).

or you don’t have the LinkedIn app…

You may be missing out on some of the great features.

Don’t panic!

I’ve done the hard work for you. Yay!

In this article, I’ll call out five new LinkedIn features that will entice you to pull out your mobile and try these functions. 🙂

Let’s dive right into.

1. Voice Messages

Now LinkedIn allows you to send voice messages (60 seconds). No more long messages typing. Just record and send.

The best part?

Voice message helps you to communicate quickly in your own voice. Now better express yourself.

Leverage the power of this feature and stand out.

“How can I do it?”- I can hear you ask.

Just open your LinkedIn app and select your 1st-degree connection to send message.

Tap the microphone Icon.

voice message icon

Record your voice message, and send.

record message

Want to cancel before sending? Simply slide your finger away from the microphone icon.

cancel voice message

This feature will save your time and make your conversations more personalized. Try it!

2. LinkedIn QR Code

Attending an industry conference, event, or sales meeting?

LinkedIn has made it easier to connect with your professional network.


LinkedIn QR Code feature.

The good news?

No more requesting of business card and asking the person to spell their name correctly.

LinkedIn QR Code (a bit like a barcode) helps you to connect people on-the-spot in no time.

“Pawan, How can I use it?” – You.

Open the LinkedIn app and click on the QR code Icon in the search bar.

QR code icon

Here, you’ll see options to scan a code and My code. Tap on scan QR code to access someone’s profile.

scan QR code

Tap on “My Code” if you want to access your code and share it via Email or other messaging apps, You can also save your code to your phone.

MY QR Code

Build your professional community by putting your code on brochures, website, resume, or even email signatures.

3. LinkedIn Kudos

Want to thank someone publicly (or personally) on LinkedIn?

Want to give a shout out to a person who makes a difference to your work?

LinkedIn Kudos is an easy and fun way to share your appreciation on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers you 10 types of Kudos cards like Thank You, Team Player, Great Job, Amazing Mentor and more.

Ready to appreciate someone?

Open your LinkedIn app and go to the person’s profile (1st-degree connection). Tap on three dots

three dots

and select “Give kudos”.

give kudos

Now select your Kudos Card.

kudos card

Keep in mind that you can only give up to three kudos per week and this feature is desktop friendly.

A small thank you makes difference. So take a moment to make someone’s day!

4. Find Nearby Function

Planning to conduct a local meetup? Linkedin can help you to find people nearby.

“What I need to do?”, you ask.

Pull out your mobile and open LinkedIn app. Tap on “My Network” Icon.

my network

And you’ll see “Find Nearby” status here.

find nearby status

You’ll need to turn on the mobile setting.

enable nearby

And Bingo!

You’ll see the people who are around you. Send them a message or connection request.

5. Your Commute Function

Commuting is a pain point for professionals and job-seekers.

Survey shows that more than half of Indians are unhappy with their commute.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of U.S. professionals would take a pay cut for a shorter commute.

Searching for a new job? LinkedIn’s “Your Commute” feature can help you to see the commute time (Even before applying).

Visit Job Listing on LinkedIn mobile app and you’ll see “See your commute” function when you search for a job. Enter your address and track the commute time.

see your commute

You can also set your commute preferences on career interest dashboard to get more relevant job suggestions.

commute preferences

Explore this feature!

What’s Next?

Explore these new and cool LinkedIn features and share your experience with me. I’ll keep you posted on more LinkedIn hacks and features.

Got any great LinkedIn features? Share here in the comment section below. I’m curious to know!

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  1. Great Pawan. Thank you so much for keeping me updated with the new features. Thanks

    Even thankful to have you as a friend. Thank you.

    Everytime you bring something new and interesting and amazing.

    Keep it up.👏☺

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