Mobile SEO Guide: How to Optimize For Mobile-Friendly SEO

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This quick guide will help you to understand mobile SEO. 

First, let’s see why you need to optimize your website mobile-friendly.

Why Is Mobile SEO Important?

Many businesses are of the view that a robust marketing strategy is all they need to surpass their competitors.

But is that all?

Aren’t we forgetting something really important here?

The game-changer marketing tactic: 


Mobile today represents 3 out of 4 digital media minutes and mobile applications approaching 70% of the entire digital time invested.

In the year 2021, the figure of Smartphone-connected devices is anticipated to exceed the world’s population by about 11.7% billion – in a worldwide population of 7.9 billion.

Mobile users tend to consume information anywhere and anytime on a real-time basis. Users usually feel a lot of frustration when they land upon slow page loading websites.

When users find it difficult to perceive information that they require from a website, they will abandon it and seek somewhere else. Not only a business’s bottom line gets hurt but it drives probable leads to its competitors as well.

Here are two questions that we can address to avoid the above-mentioned situations.

  • How to make a website mobile-friendly?
  • How to optimize a website for mobile SEO?

You can try DIY techniques to make a website mobile-friendly anytime. But availing WordPress development services will help in getting hands-on a more professional looking website.

So let’s dig in!

Mobile SEO Hacks to Optimize Your Website

How to design a readable and immediately usable mobile-friendly website? Here are some tips:

1. Selecting a Responsive Web Design 

To maintain ranking, it is absolutely compulsory for websites to select responsive web design. This is because Responsive HTML always seamlessly adapts as per the screen size of the device that is visualizing the content. How to optimize websites for mobile calls for understanding this point thoroughly.

Suppose we take a fixed-width column with a code:

It is important to understand that this is a completely non-responsive HTML and it will fix the measurement at 320px. It will automatically look disastrous on a tablet or desktop while it will look good on an iPhone.

Instead of the above-mentioned one, using this responsive code can be beneficial.

This is not just robust but sleeker as well. Such simple changes are adequate for ensuring that all the characters and images on the website are showcased in the exact manner you want.

The most efficacious process of personalizing the experience of the end-users is through responsive design.

Most importantly, there is no requirement of trying to program the website yourself. There are comprehensive WordPress development services available with which you can get hands-on finest responsive themes for your website.

You can check your site using Google Mobile-Friendly Test. If your site is mobile-friendly, then have nothing to worry about.

mobile friendly page

2. Utilize AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages Markup 

February 2016 was the month that witnessed the official integration of the AMP into the mobile search results of Google. So it is quite obvious how much benefits a website can acquire with the implementation of AML markup.

When you include AMP to optimize a website for mobile, then the website will be visible in the paid search results of Google SERPs. On top of that, it is also possible to include the AMP content carousel into one’s own website page.

With each and every blog creation, there will be yet another entry of a carousel. With this technique, it is possible to jot several contents into a single search result. This amplifies the reach to large extents.

This is the best possible way of making the most out of the search rankings.

The three important components for successful implementation of AMP into the website’s structure are:

  •  AMP CDN – This content delivery network is Google-hosted & comes with cached content.
  • AMP HTML – Utilizing custom AMP-linked commands, this revamped HTML is for the purpose of dynamic & better mobile content.
  • AMP JS – The objective of the AMP JS or Javascript structure is asynchronous loading.

AMP optimization largely helps in grasping a mobile-optimized web site as it helps construct a duplicate content layer.


3. Visual Content 

Neglecting images when the aim is how to optimize your website for Google is not the work of an intellectual. The creation of any forceful web content calls for the insertion of proper images. Especially digital marketers must focus more on visual content.

For instance, after every 100 words, there must be a minimum one image throughout the blogs. In fact, to optimize mobile websites, it is also recommended to save a particular amount for investing every month for images. There is no doubt that the images must be high-quality but it must also take little space.

It automatically becomes a win-win situation for everyone when space freeing happens due to compressed images and reduces page load times.

This chart will explain the difference in the image file formats in lossless compression:


If anything can revolutionize online search in the future, it is definitely mobile. Every individual in the current times possesses mobile devices. The time that they spend with their devices for online search is enhancing at a very fast pace. 

A mobile SEO strategy assists in website optimization for resolving mobile queries. It will also enhance search rankings.

How do you plan to manage your website for the shift to completely mobile web?

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients.

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