How to Use LinkedIn Featured Section To Showcase Your Best Work

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Are you making your LinkedIn profile powerful? Wondering how to leverage the power of LinkedIn featured section?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn featured section to showcase the work you are most proud of.

What Is the Featured Section?

According to LinkedIn:

“The Featured section is a new area on your LinkedIn profile where you can showcase work samples that you’re most proud of. For example, you can feature posts that you’ve authored or re-shared, articles you’ve published on LinkedIn, and even external media like images, documents and links.”

This section is located toward the top of your profile between the About section and Activity section.

featured section

If you’re wondering how this differs from the activity section, the Activity section highlights all your activities, including your articles, posts, comments, and likes on other LinkedIn posts. But the Featured section allows you to pick and put your best work to people who view your profile in a more prominent way.

To add a featured content to your profile, go to the Featured section and click the Add Featured link. When you click on this icon, you’ll see a drop-down menu with the options to select posts, articles, links, and media.


In the next section, we’ll discuss what type of content you should in your featured section.

What to Put In Featured Section (And How)?

#1. Put a LinkedIn Post That You’ve Created Or Mentioned-In

When you select the “Posts” option from the drop-down menu, and it will bring up your most recent LinkedIn posts to choose from. 

Just go through the posts and select a post you’d like to feature (Click on the star icon in the lower-left corner of the post preview).

feature post

After selecting a post, click on the blue “Done” button and you’ll see your post (with preview) in the featured section. Anyone can click on it to read the full post.

Why I recommend showcasing your LinkedIn posts in your featured section?

It can get you double engagement for the post. How?

First, your network can see your post on your timeline or activity area. Second, you can get more engagement on the post by placing it in the featured section because people view your section.

#2. Feature Articles That You’ve Published On LinkedIn

When you select the “Articles” option from the drop-down menu, it will bring up your most recent LinkedIn articles to choose from.

Here, You can see the social proof and performance of each article before selecting it. Scroll through the list of your articles and find your best article that you’d love to feature.

Just click on the star feature icon to make a selection >>> click the blue Done button.

feature article

#3. Feature Links to Your External Resources

LinkedIn allows you to feature a third party resource in this section. It could be your personal blog, product page, portfolio page, newsletter, or your YouTube channel.

Click on the “+” icon in the featured section and then choose the Link option from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window will appear, Copy and paste the URL into the box and click on the ‘Add” button.

add link

And then, you’ll see the preview of link – Image, Title, and Description.

Want to change the title and description? You can rewrite them. Then click on “Save” button.

link preview

#4. Upload the Notable Documents and Presentations

LinkedIn allows you to feature images, infographics, PDFs, presentations, and videos. It’s an amazing way to showcase the visual content that you’ve worked hard on.

Go to the featured section, then click on the “+” icon and select “Media” from the drop-down menu.

LinkedIn will open a window to allow you to search for the file you want to feature. After selecting the file, LinkedIn will create a thumbnail preview of it. 

media preview

Review the Title and Description fields and you can also edit the title and description if you want. And then, click the blue “Save “button to add it to your featured section.

How to Arrange Your Featured Section

So you have added the items to your featured section, you may want to make some arrangements. LinkedIn allows you to remove some content or rearrange the order. 

Simply click on the “Pencil” icon on the top right of your featured section.

custom featured section

And a box will pop-up. Here you can edit or delete any content. And to rearrange the content, click on four stacked lines. Once you’re done with the changes, click the blue Done button.

edit featured

Now It’s Your Turn!

It’s a game-changing feature of LinkedIn. What do you think? Have you added any content to the LinkedIn Featured section? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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