How I Switched Jobs for a Higher Pay and Instantly Regretted It!

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Have you ever come across an opportunity that was financially fulfilling? 

Through our professional careers, we often find different opportunities knocking at our door. Some can be quite challenging, some not so appealing while others could be the ones we have always dreamt of achieving.

A certain offer came through my mail a few years back. I was happily working at a digital marketing firm in my city, doing the regular 9 to 5 job. The best part about such jobs is that even though most of your work includes staying at the office, you get to reach home soon and continue your day as you please. Don’t we all want that?

How I Received The Offer

In between my usual work, I got a call from a recruiter. I had not applied for any new jobs at that point and this opportunity luckily, or unluckily so, came to me at a time when I was well settled. Or so I believed. I spoke to the recruiter and he offered me a lucrative position that did not match my skill set at all. 

It was not anything technical, hence I started considering it. With just the right direction and enough commitment from my end, I could definitely take it up and build a career in a field that would enable me to interact with so many interesting individuals in India and abroad.

Guess what the pay was? He offered me double of what I was already earning! 

Wouldn’t you jump at that? 

Without a hint of doubt, I accepted the offer and apparently made the worst decision of my life that affected me badly for the next few months. I left the job I was working at without any notice and joined this new company. 

Everything seemed like it was offered on a silver plate. The opportunities were limitless, I received immense appreciation for my work and we built a great team to manage the day to day operations.

How Was My Experience?

Was I happy? Not really. 

Despite getting a raise and appreciation at work, I was dedicating my entire time to my job. All of it. 

My personal life was lost somewhere. I used to pick up calls way past the usual office hour. I entertained the clients and my boss simultaneously. My worst mistake was to join without a proper appointment letter! I believed my boss as he said he will make it for everyone gradually. Well, that never happened. 

I put in double the efforts and said yes to every decision made because I was hungry for work. I was hungry to show my potential and perhaps get a further increment. Those few months that I spent at this new job made me drift away from my peers, and also, my family. Constant fights with regards to work was a daily scene at my home.

The Realization

In the end, it all turned to dust. My health started failing me and I could not work further even though I wanted to. I had to take a break and spend time recovering. 

In the course of a few months, I took up some unhealthy habits, stopped pursuing my hobbies and also lost touch with friends. This break helped me realize all I had lost and it was time to reconnect with things and people close to me. Once I was back on my feet, I resigned and moved on to better opportunities.

What I Learned… 

It is on you to treat the experience as a loss. In my case, this was a lesson for me. 

The opportunities I found after that not only helped me stay grounded but also made me manage my time in a better way. I did all I like, and at the same time, I worked really hard. There were no constant calls anymore. 

My personal time was mine to enjoy, and I took up extra hobbies that I never knew I was so good at! 

Moral of the story: Don’t fall prey to money. If a good job comes your way that pays you handsomely, only consider it if it allows you certain perks and helps you grow with it. Nothing is worst keeping your time at stake. 

At the end of it, there is no happiness with money if you cannot rest well to begin a new day.

Your next-door life coach, bibliophile, and cinephile in one package! I pen down my words through my experiences.

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  1. It’s a very insightful take on job switches. My boss says people these days don’t value the extra 3/4 hours you get with family/self as against a 40-50% raise in salary.

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