How to Craft an Engaging Guest Post Pitch [Updated]

guest post pitch

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How to craft an engaging guest post pitch that will get your story accepted?

Never write and send generic guest post email pitch.

Yup! The blog owner has that magical “delete” button for a reason.

And if you send a compelling and interesting pitch, you’ll get praising words from the editor.

In the past, I sent an email pitch to the blog Write to Done.

And guess what?

I got the appreciation from Mary Jaksch (the blog owner) and I got my article published.

appreciation email

In this story, I’ll reveal my guest post pitch formula (and my email template).

Like a tasty dish, a strong pitch also has some ingredients:

  • Clear Subject Line
  • Personalize Email
  • Strong Opening Paragraph
  • Give a Brief About Your Story Idea
  • Show You’re the Right Person
  • Finish it With a Short and Clear Conclusion
  • Email Signature

Are you ready to Craft Your ‘MasterPitch’?

Let’s get started…

7 Steps to Craft Guest Post Pitch

Step #1. Write a Clear and Catchy Subject Line

Blog owners/editors are busy, don’t make them confused.

A subject line is the headline of your email – Make it clear and strong.

Don’t just write ‘Pitch or Guest Post Submission”. The subject line should include your context that makes the editor read your email.

Poor Subject Line: Guest Post Submission

Strong Subject Line: Story Pitch: 20 Actionable Email Marketing Tips for Online Writers

Step #2. Address the Editor with Name

In his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie stated that,

Remember, that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound to that person, in any language. People love to see their names. 

Don’t say “Dear Editor or Hello Concerned Person”. Say “Hi John” or “Dear Kate”

Step #3. Strong Opening Paragraph

Want to make the blog owner read your pitch?

Start with a STRONG opening paragraph.

Keep the primary purpose of your email in the first paragraph of your email. Talk clearly and to-the-point.

How can you do this:

  • I’m working on a story that…
  • Establish a problem
  • What question your story will answer   

Start thinking to make your first para compelling.

Step #4. Talk About Your Story In Brief

Blog editors don’t have time to read your long (and boring emails). Face the truth!

It’s your job to tell them about your story in a clear and simple way. Don’t make them confused to understand your context.

Here are some ideas:

  • Tell the editor clearly what the readers will learn from your story.
  • Keep the message short and simple.
  • Use simple language, short paragraphs, and bullet points.

Step #5. Show You’re The Right Person

Why are you the most appropriate person to write this story?

Why should people listen to you?

Show your expertise in the subject. Recall your previous amazing work.

Add a little blurb about you and include your 3-4 best writing links.

Here’s an example:

author bio

Step #6. Finish It With a Short and Clear Conclusion

Finish your guest post pitch with a strong and actionable conclusion.

What you want the editor to do – Tell them clearly.

Something like this:

​”Does this sound like this story would be suitable for your readers? If so, just say the word, and I’ll start work on a draft.​

Step #7. Email Signature

Your email signature is the “silent” branding tool. It should contain your Name, Job Title, Company Name, Blog/Site Link, and Social Media Links.

Do you want to see my email template? Click the button below to get a free guest post pitch template. Copy this template to your Google Drive and customize it for your use. Reuse the template immediately for your next guest post email.

It’s Your Turn

Now you’re all set to send your guest post pitch.

Proofread it before sending and delete all the fluffy sentences and words.

If you don’t get quick responses from the editor, wait for one week (they get a number of pitches) and then follow up. Don’t irritate the editor, one follow up email is enough.

You just accessed the most important part of your guest blogging campaign. Pat on your back!

Got any questions? I’m right here. Just drop your views in the comment section below.

Originally published Sep 03, 2018 09:56 AM, updated Aug 19, 2020.

I’m a writer, Introvert storyteller, and digital marketer. I've been featured on Jeff Bullas, MarketingProfs, Entrepreneur, Customer Think, HuffPost, Thrive Global, Write to Done, SEMrush, Shout Me Loud, and Addicted 2 Success! I'm an avid reader and movie buff. Let's connect on Social Media.

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