5 Google Ads Tips To Get More Local Customers

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Looking for Google Ads Tips to get more local customers?

If you think that retail stores are out of business, then you’re wrong!

According to the research of Emarketer, despite the sparkling digital commerce, 94% of total retail sales are still generated through retail stores.

With the E-commerce market expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026, there is no doubt that it’s going to achieve an exponential boom. [Mark my words!]

According to a Consumer Survey carried out by Search Engine Land, “85% of consumers search online to find a local business.”

But people are still congregating to the local stores. There are a lot of reasons why shoppers still prefer local over online stores. Here are some issues that customers face while doing online shopping:

  1. They can’t physically check the items. 
  2. Loss of power to bargain. 
  3. Shipping costs.
  4. Waiting for delivery.
  5. Providing personal information. 
  6. Difficulty in returning items.

Local customers are still the leading pocket fillers for retail stores and one of the biggest trends we marketers can never ignore is the rise of ROPO [Research online, purchase offline]

Driving local sales through Google ads is much more than Geolocation targeting. You need to invest more time and effort to make your Google ads start working for your local business. 

When new local business heads towards Google ads, they repeat the same campaign strategy over and over again. But there is much more approach to handle the ad campaigns strategy for your local business. What could be best for your business

Keep on reading, and you’ll find some amazing Google ads tips and hacks!

5 Effective Google Ads Tips

Tip #1: Use Location Extension to Bring Foot Traffic!

Location extension is the best way to bring more foot traffic to your store. If you’re just skipping to use the ad extension, you should start using it today. Adding a Location Extension shows your address along with your ads. 

When there is a physical address attached to the store, definitely it’s going to build trust for customers. 

Here is what when I searched for “Mobile store.” Using address in your ads makes your shop appear tangible and attach a trust with your business. 

google ads example

All you have to do is to choose the “Location extension” from the extension tab while creating your google ad. 

location extension

When your prospects click in the address available in your ad, it will directly take them to Google Maps. And you’re ready for more footfalls in your store. 

Tip #2. Call Extension to Maximize Ad Revenue

What we do when suddenly we decide on Friday night to have dinner with our friends? 

The first thing which comes to our mind is to “Google” the nearby restaurant, and with our subconscious mind, we ring to ask if the restaurants have some seats left. 

A Phone extension shows your contact number along with your ad, which can be immediately dialed. 

ads example

Yes, this is what happens when you’re targeting your local customers, and all we need to do is to be prepared with our end and not leave a single loophole. 

How can you set up a call extension?

Step 1: Just sign in to your Google Ads account and click Ads & extensions in the page menu. 

Step 2: Click Extensions, then click the “+” icon and select Call extensions from the drop-down menu.

call extension

Step 3: Select Create New and add your business phone number.

add phone number

Tip #3. Enable Message Extension to Increase Conversion Rate

According to Google, 65% of customers consider using messaging booking scheduling an appointment.

This is personally my favorite, as I prefer a quick text rather than making a call, and trust me, there are a lot of people like me who can be your customers. 

A message extension is an additional option integrated with your ad. This link allows your customers to get connected to your business by text message.

Here is what comes when I searched for “Dentist Appointment.”

ads example-3

You know what it means- “You Have A Blank Space To Stand Out!” 

Yes, while booking an appointment, most of us prefer just to have a text chat and get the address on our inbox or WhatsApp. So, go ahead and provide an outstanding experience to your customers.

Here is an example of a message extension for you:

message extension

Tip #4: Dynamic Sitelinks To Take People to Specific Pages

If you‘re now good with the above mentioned, some basic yet highly important extensions. Then, it’s time to go into level 2.0.

If you have made an awesome website with all relevant content (No fluff), this extension can give you loads. 

Dynamic site links can be the cherry on top for you. 

By this, you can make Google work for you rather than you jumbling up in a lot of strategies. Google put their AI to choose site extensions for your ads according to searcher’s intention and history of search. By linking Dynamic site links into your site can help in bringing sales faster. 

You can include sitelinks to your company’s social media and YouTube pages. Each sitelink within a campaign or ad group must land on a unique URL.


Tip #5: Use Geo-Targeting Ads 

If you want to bring more traffic to your store, than leaving behind the Geo-targeting ads can be a wrong move from your end. 

Geo-targeting ads identify your prospect customer’s location through on their IP, WiFi, or GPS data.

According to BIA/Kelsey estimates, the location-targeted mobile ad spend is projected to grow from $12.4 billion in 2016 to $32.4 billion in 2021.

You can also record the behavior of consumers based on their location. You can even geo-target depending on the income of consumers.

To create a geo-targeted ad first, open the Settings >> Select the campaign where you want to add the geo-targeting >> Select the “Locations” from the drop-down menu.


You can now enter the exact postcode or street name you’re targeting. You can choose a location that will select the entire postcode.

You can also select a radius for your geo-targeting, as shown in the image below. 



There are “n” no. of options Google provides us while putting ads, and many of them can be well used for your local business. It completely depends on the type of business you’re running. 

Here are some tricks that you must try for better performance of your ad to bring more traffic to your store. 

Opening Hrs Ads Optimization: With our advertising budget, we want our ads to show customers who can get converted. Hence, working hours play an important role when we put ads, e.g., during store open-hours or lunch hours. 

Inventory Ads: This can surely help when you’ve got a lot of products to showcase to people and attract through images and their amazing descriptions. 

Promotions Extension: You can try these extensions during the festive season or if you’re any specific offer. You can also try this extension regularly considering the offers that you can offer to your customers. 


Well! These were just a few Google ads tips. The best I can suggest is to keep trying your hands with various options with a minimum budget and check what’s working best for your business. And then start your magic! 

Namrata Kashyap is an inbound marketer and writer who enjoys reading and sharing practical marketing hacks. She is the Content and Marketing Manager at PiggyRide. She loves to paint her thoughts in her leisure time. Connect with her on Social Media.

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