How to Extract Editable Text from an Image

extract text from image

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Wondering how to extract text from an image?

You might have worked in an office with equipment such as a document scanner. Initially, you must have stumbled while hearing from the colleagues about the OCR technology, so a non-tech guy must be overthinking that “hey, what is this OCR technology?” 

How can we convert images into a text file? So In this article, we will take you down what is OCR and its uses.

OCR technology, what is it?

First of all, OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR devices are used to transform any virtual image containing text into machine-readable text data.

Such as a pdf file containing text or any jpeg image containing some sort of text into a word document so that you can edit it or use it as per your purpose.

How does it process pictures into text?

As we all know, machines understand the language of codes. The OCR involves inspecting the text of an image or document and translating the characters into code that can be used for data processing.

How does OCR convert physical documents or images into a machine-readable format?

OCR systems are designed, combining both the hardware and the software to fetch the text out of image or physical document in a machine-readable format.

OCR devices involve hardware such as Scanner to read or fetch the text from pictures by scanning it, while the next stage of processing involves software that handles the advanced processing and shows you the soft copy as a result.

Once placed in soft copy, users can easily search, format, or edit the document as if it originated with a word processor.    

How to Extract Editable Text from an Image?

To extract text from any image for editing purposes, we have to make the machine understand the image in a readable format. Gone those days where people have first to buy scanners and other OCR devices to convert the image into editable text,

Nowadays, numerous tools are available on the internet to extract text from images simply and instantly get accurate results.

Just upload a picture or copy-paste, and there you go, the results will be shown in editable text format.  

To make it easier for you, we will discuss the top 4 Image to Text Converter Tools.

Top 4 Image to Text Converter Tools

Easy screen OCR

  • It works simply from the taskbar or system tray. Just open up the software and select capture from the menu. Take a screenshot from your desktop of any image, document, video, website, or anything by just dragging the mouse cursor over it. 
  • Then it will show you a dialog box with three options.  
  • It shows you a preview of the captured text.
  • Click the OCR button to read and fetch the data from the picture. 
  • The optically converted text can now be copied from the text tab of the dialog. 
  • This software uses Google’s OCR engine, so it’s compatible with more than 100 languages. 
  • To use it, you will have to pay a small fee of $9 per month.


  • It consists of many features, which makes it one of the top free images to text converter choices.
  • No popping up ads while using it and 100 percent free.
  • It doesn’t require utilizing your device storage spaces for installing purposes.  
  • Quality is maintained to top priority.  
  • The text can be extracted from any popular image format such as JPG, TIFF PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  • The only tool that supports in low-resolution pictures.
  • Directly extracts the image by URL of an image while surfing the internet. It can also detect mathematical equations no matter how complex they are and interpret for students’ ease.
  • It supports languages in English, Española, Deutsche, Русский, Portuguese.
  • After extracting, you will have three options: save as document, copy to clipboard, or download.txt file.
  • This tool is compatible with smartphones. 

  • It can be downloaded from google.
  • It also supports Windows 10. 
  • It is a two in one scanner; it can also scan QR codes.
  • By purchasing it, you can have full access to the ads block option.
  • It makes it more convenient by directly showing a document or an image on any connected camera to give it an image to scan and fetch the data. 
  • One of the edging features it consists of is text to speech function while scanning it reads out. 
  • Once the scanning is done, save the document in multiple formats such as HTML, XML, Rich Text, text, etc. and edit it just like you like. 

 To-Text Image to text Converter

  • It allows converting any form of an image that includes written characters to transform into text documents without any headache of installation or downloading.
  • It supports 35+ languages such as English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, etc. 
  • Supports file formats such as PNG, PDF, JPG, TIFF, etc.
  • The file size is limited to 5 MB. 
  • No registration or personal data is required.
  • Free of cost.
  • Unlimited conversions.

Advantages of using Image to Text Converter

  • Save valuable time from rewriting the text from images.
  • Convert old documents or historic papers into modern text formats
  • Extract data for thesis and scientific papers
  • Draw out text from your business documents and use it as editable text.

Sectors in which these converters are being used

  • Healthcare
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Education sector
  • News agencies
  • Media industries
  • Recreation 
  • Historical sites
  • Science 
  • Law and enforcement agencies.

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