Emotional Marketing: The Definitive Guide

emotional marketing

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How many of you remember the ”Unsung Hero” commercial from the Thai Insurance of 2014?

This video has over 64million+ views and counting on Thai Insurance’s official YouTube channel. The advertisement became viral on social media and every time you watch that video, your faith in humanity restores.

A lot of people could connect to the video because it showed small acts of kindness of a young man who was trying to do his bit to help others. What did he get in return?

A feeling of satisfaction, love, warmth, and a sense of achievement of doing something good for society.

That is the powerful message that Thai insurance tried to deliver to its target audience.

This advertisement is one of the classic examples of emotional marketing that has won the hearts of millions across the world. 

Watch the video here:

What Is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing is a way of marketing and advertising that is largely driven by emotions that leads people to recognize, recall, share and buy.

Mostly, emotional marketing is used to attract B2C buyers because that is where it works for the masses. Marketers and advertisers carefully choose one of the emotions and play around it.

It uses the power of sentiments to connect with your target audience and compels them to take the desired action.

The feeling could be happiness, grief, excitement, fear, belongingness, guilt, realization or anything. 

Now you must be thinking, is there anything else to emotional marketing than just emotions? 

Of course, yes!

Let us understand the – different elements of emotional marketing 

Understand the customer – This is the basis for any marketing campaign. No rocket science in this. As a marketer, you need to have the buyer persona rightly fit into your mind. It lays a rock-solid foundation for creating any campaign – may it be for print, radio, television, or social media platform.

Storytelling According to research, messages conveyed as stories are 22 times more powerful than stating plain facts. 

Here’s a video that can help you explain the scientific reason behind it –

So what does storytelling mean for marketers? 

With the help of storytelling, you can actually influence people to purchase goods from you, spend more time on your website, share your content on social media platforms or any desired action that you want your target audience to take.

Establish a connection with the people – Just knowing your target audience and storytelling is not good enough if you give a cold shoulder to your end consumers. You have to be present to make real engagement with your target audience for them to associate with your product or brand. 

Engagement facilitates communication and communication helps in creating perceptions. It is those perceptions that in a way drive our emotions, right?

Such engagements can be either direct interactions with customers in offline events, trade fairs, etc. or via online channels. 

The right combination of all the major three elements results in a powerful emotional marketing campaign.

Image Source: stayingaliveuk blog

5 Classic Ads That Nailed Emotional Marketing

1. Titan’s Farewell Ad 

This ad was a tribute to the teachers. There’s no gift precious enough thanking your teacher, faculty or mentor and making them feel how special they mean to you. 

2. Stay started with Nescafe 

Advertising and marketing aren’t about conveying the functional benefits of the product. This advertisement conveys the emotional benefits of how a product like coffee can make one’s morning.

3. The Last Mile by Volkswagen 

Marketing isn’t the medium just to promote a product. This animated video of Volkswagen bidding adieu to Beetel after 70 years since its inception has won the hearts of millions across the world in just three weeks it went live.

4. Giving by True Move 

It would be rare to find people who wouldn’t have a teary eye after watching this heart-touching Thai commercial. Nowhere have they mentioned the product that is being advertised except for conveying an emotional message at the end that says “giving is the best communication”.

5. Bonding Buffet by KLM Airlines 

Time spent on commuting for special occasions feels drained, exhausted and boring. We all know how the airport or train travels look like. Either we indulge ourselves in books, food, sleep or we are glued on to our digital devices. 

KLM Airlines has beautifully captured the emotions of bringing people together over a meal and providing them an opportunity to communicate. 

There are multiple other campaigns on emotional branding that you can find on Google or YouTube. These are just a few of my favorite commercials on emotional marketing. 

What struck the chord in all these ads?

If you view all these advertisements again, notice the use of one of the key elements of emotional marketing, that is, storytelling.

Each ad is spun across a particular sentiment or emotion. And as a viewer, you feel connected to that emotion because it provides you a real experience. None of the ads appear to be fake. 

You can relate to the authenticity of the ad and that converts to establishing a connection with the brand or product being advertised.

Why should you incorporate emotional marketing in your marketing efforts?

It builds a lasting impression in a person’s mind as opposed to selling functional benefits of the product or service. 

Just try and recall any of your favorite insurance commercials. I am 100 percent sure that there is a strong emotional connection with what was shown in the commercial.

2. It inspires people to act. Just think about why you feel charged up after watching a motivational video. It forces you to take control in your own hands.

3. In the age of rapid digitization where people feel the need to go on a digital detox, emotional marketing brings in the realization that we are humans indeed. 

Is Emotional Marketing Meant for You?

You must be thinking that emotional marketing is only useful for big brands and advertising agencies. 

Yes, of course for them it makes a lot of sense to capitalize on its power. 

But just imagine, aren’t you using emotional marketing elements while selling your skills for getting a job, landing a new project or getting a client?

If you are a freelancer, chances are, you have used emotional marketing techniques umpteen times to either promote yourself, getting a new project or building your own network. 

Our DNA as human beings makes us the most intelligent, skilled and blessed species on the planet. 

With advances in technology, mankind has progressed from hunter-gathering nomads to expert engineers, scientists, doctors, and whatnot. We have surely progressed as a race in acquiring new skills over time and competing with each other.

But, if there is one thing which binds all of us is our emotional reactions. Thankfully, that hasn’t been taken over by technology yet. Our feelings and emotions play a very important role in our everyday decision-making process.

And as per fMRI neuro imagery shows that consumers mainly use emotions rather than information to evaluate brands.

Hence, deciding whether to go for emotional marketing or not is totally up to you. The ball is in your court indeed. Make a wise choice!

Child by heart and resilient by nature. I am a marketing professional with strong roots in business development. Oh did I forget to mention, I am an accidental content writer too!😉 I love to share my thoughts on sales, marketing, and social media-related topics.

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