Writing Tips: 59 Industry Experts Are Sharing Their Best Advice

writing tips

Are you a newbie writer? Welcome to the magical world of writing! There’s ONE great thing about writing is: Whatever stage you’re at, you can keep improving your skills and honing your craft.  When it comes to writing – new writers and bloggers are always looking for the “Secret Advice.” The good news? I reached […]

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How Writing Impacts My Life: 12 Master Writers Are Revealing Their Inside Stories


E.L. Doctorow put it best: Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” True. Writing allows me to learn more about myself. After writing one or two hours, I feel more relaxed, productive and inspired. Sounds familiar? I frequently talk to new (and pro) writers and they tell me that […]

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7 Writing Behaviors Separate The Successful Blogger From The Average [Updated]


Do you want to blog? Do you want to write? But you find writing difficult and something is holding you back… Then this article is for you. No matter what’s your profession, you can write. You just need a desire for writing. Most of new bloggers and writers look for some quick tips and tricks […]

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