7 Terrible Sales Email Phrases You Should Stop Writing Today!

sales email

“Pawan, what do I do to make my sales email more effective? What do you recommend?” I get asked this question pretty regularly from my sales and marketing friends and colleagues. Writing a sales email can be surprisingly tricky: How do I start? How do I finish? Time has changed. Buyers’ behaviors have changed. Probably […]

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How To Stay Productive When Working Remotely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

remote working

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for remote work was on the rise. 50% of employees in the UK and US will be working remotely by the end of this year, even after the pandemic breaks.  However, the rise of COVID-19 has pushed many companies to change their working routines much faster than expected. […]

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How I Switched Jobs for a Higher Pay and Instantly Regretted It!

work experience

Have you ever come across an opportunity that was financially fulfilling?  Through our professional careers, we often find different opportunities knocking at our door. Some can be quite challenging, some not so appealing while others could be the ones we have always dreamt of achieving. A certain offer came through my mail a few years […]

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How to Balance Parenting Life and a Freelance Job

parenting life and freelance career

As a stay-at-home parent, the idea of building a freelance career while parenting can feel overwhelming. You already have a full-time job watching the kids, so how can you fit in any more work? Yet many parents are able to successfully balance parenting life and a freelance job.  With some discipline, time management, and a […]

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Start Your Freelancing Journey Today With These Inspiring Stories!


Want to start your freelancing journey? Want to have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime? I understand a million things are buzzing inside your head like how to be a freelancer, how to choose my niche, how to find clients, rates, time management, and more. Right? But there’s ONE thing that I learned in […]

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30 Freelancing Tools and Resources That Will Make Your Work Easy [A Freelancer Guide]

freelancing tools

Freelancers have to take care of their project management, finances, and managing their time. It’s not all about rainbows! The upside? There are a ton of tools, apps, resources, and blogs available to help freelancers in their journey. The downside? It can be hard and overwhelming to find the right tools for you. You have […]

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17 Engaging Sales Email Templates to Get Replies (And Close More Deals)


Before you access sales email templates, let me share a quick story with you… When I was in 11th grade I cheated on a test for the first time (and the last time). It was maths paper and we had to solve an integration problem. I hadn’t practiced. And didn’t really care about the subject […]

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