How Much Money Should You Charge For a Freelancing Project?

freelancing rates

The MONSTER question that every new freelancer asks…  “How much money I should charge and how to decide my freelancing rates?” The most confusing question, right? Before you start reading the article, you must understand that there’s no perfect formula or any rules to decide your freelancing rates. No false promises, baby! Boom! Let’s get […]

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An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Freelancing [Updated]

freelancing guide

Are you looking for an ultimate freelancing guide? You’re at the right place. Freelancing helped me to work with clients across the globe and industry experts. And in this guide, I put all the lessons and things I’ve learned so far (you’ll also find some advice from other successful freelancers). This guide is ONLY for […]

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Freelancing In India: Kingdom of Freedom or Just a Disrespected Outcast

Freelancing in india

“Thanks for coming all this way to meet us. So what do you do, Naveen?” asks the man.  To  which Naveen politely answers, “Sir, I am a freelancer in the field of digital marketing.”  There was an awkward silence between the two of them that went on lasting for 30 seconds.  “So what do you […]

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