How A/B Testing Can Help You Increase Conversion

AB testing

A/B testing involves presenting two variants of a marketing asset to different audience segments simultaneously to identify the variant that drives more conversions.  This could be something like two versions of landing page layouts. One group of your web visitors get to see one of your test variants, while another group the other. In the end, […]

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Mobile SEO Guide: How to Optimize For Mobile-Friendly SEO

mobile seo

This quick guide will help you to understand mobile SEO.  First, let’s see why you need to optimize your website mobile-friendly. Why Is Mobile SEO Important? Many businesses are of the view that a robust marketing strategy is all they need to surpass their competitors. But is that all? Aren’t we forgetting something really important […]

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How to Use Google Search Console [Step-by-Step Checklist]

How to Google search console

Wondering what is Google Search Console? And how can it help in fixing website’s errors? Google Search Console (GSC) gives valuable insights into your website and its visitors through data that your competitors may not access. It can be used to know the period traffic to your site, landing pages, device used to visit the […]

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5 Google Ads Tips To Get More Local Customers

google ads tips

Looking for Google Ads Tips to get more local customers? If you think that retail stores are out of business, then you’re wrong! According to the research of Emarketer, despite the sparkling digital commerce, 94% of total retail sales are still generated through retail stores. With the E-commerce market expected to grow to US$ 200 […]

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7 Ways to Revamp your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020

digital marketing strategy

The year 2020 has made significant changes to how we conduct business. With companies and brands becoming more and more dependent on their digital strategy, it is time to revitalize your digital marketing game. Without doubt it will be the deciding factor in making through these tough times of crisis. Companies of various sizes are […]

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Emotional Marketing: The Definitive Guide

emotional marketing

How many of you remember the ”Unsung Hero” commercial from the Thai Insurance of 2014? This video has over 64million+ views and counting on Thai Insurance’s official YouTube channel. The advertisement became viral on social media and every time you watch that video, your faith in humanity restores. A lot of people could connect to […]

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