How to Create Video Content Strategies That Work

video content strategies

The adoption of Video Marketing is the present and the future of the eCommerce industry. With more marketers employing the video content strategies, more the level of competition is pumping up.  After all, users spend 1/3rd of their time watching online video content. Plus, 79% of users accept that a brand’s video has convinced them […]

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10 Proven Steps to Creating Content Strategy for Your Business

content strategy

You just need the answer to these five questions to start building your content strategy: Why do you want to create content? What type of content should you create? When should you post content that you have developed? Where should you post the content? What is the impact of your content sharing? But when you […]

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How to Include User-Generated Content in Your Content Strategy

User generated content

The internet marketing landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. As technology evolves, so do the means by which companies can connect and interact with their audience. Native advertising is an integral part of any sophisticated content strategy, especially as consumers become increasingly aware (and suspicious) of overt attempts to ‘sell’ to them. Native […]

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Content Marketing Certification: Good Or Waste of Time?

content marketing certificate

Is content marketing certification a helpful way to learn content marketing on your own?  Or a complete waste of time?  In this guide, I’ll do a deep dive into content marketing certifications.  I’ll also suggest some of the most popular content marketing courses out there.  Let’s get started: Why Content Marketing Certifications Are Helpful In […]

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