Start Your Freelancing Journey Today With These Inspiring Stories!


Want to start your freelancing journey? Want to have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime? I understand a million things are buzzing inside your head like how to be a freelancer, how to choose my niche, how to find clients, rates, time management, and more. Right? But there’s ONE thing that I learned in […]

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30 Freelancing Tools and Resources That Will Make Your Work Easy [A Freelancer Guide]

freelancing tools

Freelancers have to take care of their project management, finances, and managing their time. It’s not all about rainbows! The upside? There are a ton of tools, apps, resources, and blogs available to help freelancers in their journey. The downside? It can be hard and overwhelming to find the right tools for you. You have […]

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21 Introvert Quotes That Define Introversion In the Best Way!

introvert quotes

Introvert. What comes to your mind when you hear this word? “They’re antisocial and don’t like to talk.” – You yelled out.  The truth is far from it! Introverts are not anti-social. They need alone time (in solitude) to recharge their energy. They like to talk and have a good sense of humor. I am […]

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17 Engaging Sales Email Templates to Get Replies (And Close More Deals)


Before you access sales email templates, let me share a quick story with you… When I was in 11th grade I cheated on a test for the first time (and the last time). It was maths paper and we had to solve an integration problem. I hadn’t practiced. And didn’t really care about the subject […]

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5 New LinkedIn Features That You Have Missed This Year!

I was originally planning on writing a completely different article this week. But one small discussion with my colleagues and boss made me write this article. Last week, we’re discussing on LinkedIn (it’s my favorite topic of discussion) and I found that many people are not aware of some valuable (and new) features of LinkedIn. […]

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LinkedIn Case Study: How I Got Over 400K Views In 7 Days

linkedin views

Hey folks, take a look at this screenshot of one of my LinkedIn posts: This post received over 400K views, 1K+ new subscribers, and more than 1K new LinkedIn followers. Crazy, right? And the more shocking news… I don’t have a large base of followers. I didn’t spend a single dime on advertising. I started […]

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How I Generated 20 Leads On LinkedIn Just In One Day (And You Can Too!)

linkedin leads

The time I’m writing this article, I have already closed a project deal. From where did that lead come from? LinkedIn – One of the most underrated social media platforms. How do you generate leads through LinkedIn? Do you buy them? Blackmail them? (Free advice: NEVER). There are a number of social media and online […]

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