How to Market Yourself as a Freelance App Developer

Market Yourself as a Freelance App Developer

Freelancing as a developer is on the rise, and it is certainly one of the more lucrative career paths in the new gig economy. This is especially true due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.  More people are interested in becoming freelance app developers than ever before because of the unique benefits of flexibility and income […]

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29 ACTIONABLE Email Marketing Tips from Experts [Inforgraphic]

email marketing tips from experts

In this post, I’m going to show you some proven email marketing tips from experts. Email marketing is not easy. From list building to email copy to campaign analysis, there’s always something new to learn and improve. Do you want to win your customers? Obsess with them, understand their needs, and entertain every customer individually […]

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7 Terrible Sales Email Phrases You Should Stop Writing Today!

sales email

“Pawan, what do I do to make my sales email more effective? What do you recommend?” I get asked this question pretty regularly from my sales and marketing friends and colleagues. Writing a sales email can be surprisingly tricky: How do I start? How do I finish? Time has changed. Buyers’ behaviors have changed. Probably […]

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Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for Your Business In 2020 [Updated]

social media management tools

Do you want to up-level your social media engagement? Do you want to build awareness about your brand? Social media management tools can help you to optimize and manage your posts. A right tool can be a game-changer for your social campaigns. Social media management tools help you to put your content in front of […]

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Swiggy Email Marketing: How to Turn Email Into GOLD Mine [Case Study]

Swiggy email marketing

Today, you’re going to read the Swiggy Email Marketing case study. See how Swiggy (a food ordering and delivery company) turns email into a gold mine. (Including lots of real-life examples) So if you are an ecommerce business and want to know: – What emails you need to send. – How to write email copy. […]

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Mobile SEO Guide: How to Optimize For Mobile-Friendly SEO

mobile seo

This quick guide will help you to understand mobile SEO.  First, let’s see why you need to optimize your website mobile-friendly. Why Is Mobile SEO Important? Many businesses are of the view that a robust marketing strategy is all they need to surpass their competitors. But is that all? Aren’t we forgetting something really important […]

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How Much Money Should You Charge For a Freelancing Project?

freelancing rates

The MONSTER question that every new freelancer asks…  “How much money I should charge and how to decide my freelancing rates?” The most confusing question, right? Before you start reading the article, you must understand that there’s no perfect formula or any rules to decide your freelancing rates. No false promises, baby! Boom! Let’s get […]

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