Personal Branding – How to Discover YOU in the Crowd!

personal brand

Excuse me! Do I know you?  No? Then you need to know yourself first.  But why?  Do you feel that no one identifies you? Did YOU really speak?  And… to make YOU speak, we need to focus on Personal Branding. Identify YOU – Your Own Uniqueness! “But I am not some product or service that needs to be branded. […]

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10 Proven Steps to Creating Content Strategy for Your Business

content strategy

You just need the answer to these five questions to start building your content strategy: Why do you want to create content? What type of content should you create? When should you post content that you have developed? Where should you post the content? What is the impact of your content sharing? But when you […]

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A Simple Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post [Complete Recipe]

expert roundup post

What does a blogger need most? Traffic. Shares. Subscribers. One thing that I learned from my blogging journey: It’s not easy to get people to come to your blog when you’re just starting out. But I’ve got a simple solution to help you achieve it: An Expert Roundup post. And the best part?  You only […]

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How To Stay Productive When Working Remotely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

remote working

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for remote work was on the rise. 50% of employees in the UK and US will be working remotely by the end of this year, even after the pandemic breaks.  However, the rise of COVID-19 has pushed many companies to change their working routines much faster than expected. […]

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Writing Tips: 59 Industry Experts Are Sharing Their Best Advice

writing tips

Are you a newbie writer? Welcome to the magical world of writing! There’s ONE great thing about writing is: Whatever stage you’re at, you can keep improving your skills and honing your craft.  When it comes to writing – new writers and bloggers are always looking for the “Secret Advice.” The good news? I reached […]

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How to Write Instagram Captions That Attract Followers and Boost Engagement

Instagram caption

What would happen if you knew exactly what to write in a caption to get your audience to respond? I guess that your audience and your engagement would start to grow A LOT faster!  People would respond more with likes and comments. They’d hit reply on your stories. But you’re reading this article because you […]

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How to Include User-Generated Content in Your Content Strategy

User generated content

The internet marketing landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. As technology evolves, so do the means by which companies can connect and interact with their audience. Native advertising is an integral part of any sophisticated content strategy, especially as consumers become increasingly aware (and suspicious) of overt attempts to ‘sell’ to them. Native […]

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