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Welcome to The Blogging Grind. My name is Pawan Kumar and I’m behind this blog.

Our Mission is: Sharing the online marketing and blogging lessons I learn in my journey with amazing readers like YOU.

From Nowhere to The Blogging Grind (It’s boring, you can skip this part!)

When I was a kid, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I had no passion. Hell NO.

I’ve completed my B.Tech. In 2012 when I was 20 years old (Literally!). But one thing remains constant: No Passion.

I was pursuing engineering but my path was not clear. I learned many things in my college days EXCEPT engineering 🙂

I started doing part-time jobs during my college time as a tutor and online school project writing for making some extra money.

And a side-hustler was born.

I got rejected by 9 companies before getting my first job.

Every interview I applied for I was turned down.

I still remember the days when I felt down and defeated. I used to say to myself “No one would hire you.”

I stopped applying to jobs. I didn’t show in any interview for the next 2 months.

And One day I got a call from a company and they asked me to come. And I ended up taking a job in SEO which I also knew nothing about.

I never heard the word “SEO” before. And let’s not discuss the salary. 😀

I started building my skills. Started from SEO, then content writing, then social media, then blogging, then PPC, then email marketing, and Inbound marketing.

The same companies that rejected me now approach me to do work with them. I won a long game.

I’ve been featured on many reputed publications and magazines:

featured on publications

Why I started The Blogging Grind

Honestly, I’m not an online marketing or blogging guru. But I love testing different marketing, writing, and blogging strategies. So I’ve created this blog. 

What I cover on this blog:

  • Blogging
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO
  • Writing
  • Freelancing
  • Productivity Lessons
  • Work Lessons

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Pawan’s content and insights on digital marketing are refreshing in a crowded niche and his eye for detail and research are outstanding.
Meera Kothand
Pawan is an organized writer, a blogger with impeccable writing skills. His insights on Email Marketing are refreshing. Capable to engage audience.
Nidhi Gupta
Pawan knows exactly how to package his marketing knowledge into a clear, concise format. To stay ahead, it’s a good idea to read this guy’s material!
sam hurley
Sam Hurley

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