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covid impact
Krishika Shah

COVID Impact on a B2B2C Industry and How to Tackle It to Come Out Successful

The pandemic has shifted the way many industries worked. Primarily the convention that required a high degree of human interaction.  With the onset of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, there is an accelerated use of technology which has enabled the digitalization of companies of all sizes.  The B2B2C model is a new age one wherein

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how to start a blog
Pawan Kumar

How To Start A Blog In 2020 (Without Writing a Single Code)

So, you want to learn how to start a blog, huh? Amazing! But… How? This free 1500+ word guide will show you how to build a blog: In simple 10 steps (With Pictures). It will take you just 5 minutes to learn starting a blog. But first, I need to answer ONE most important question… 

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Freelance Writer
Ashutosh Garg

How to Start Your Career As a Freelance Writer

Are you done with your 9-5 job?  Looking for a way to write while sipping your coffee in your living room comfortably?  Freelance writing is your answer.  If you are reading this article, well, you have already accomplished the first step of the process, i.e., by making up your mind to become a freelancer and

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Startup tools
Pawan Kumar

Why We Built “Startup Tools Library”

You have an excellent startup idea.  You start working and building it.  And you have the guts to leave behind your day jobs to make it happen.  Kudos to you! 🙂 I’ve worked with many startup owners, and the one thing I’ve learned is that they always look for learning new things.  As a startup

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email marketing
Pawan Kumar

Email Subject Line: 20 Actionable Tips [Updated]

“Do not judge a book by its cover.” Heard this phrase ever? But when it comes to email marketing, people do judge an email by its subject line. Most marketers make one common mistake: They think that subject line is just a small part of an email campaign. The truth is: Subject line is the

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tools for freelancers
Pawan Kumar

60 AWESOME Tools for Freelancers [2020 List]

In this article, you’re about to see the 60 best tools for freelancers in 2020. I have used most of these tools. If you want to become a more effective freelancer, you need tools. Tools for managing projects. Tools for invoicing and proposals. And tools to keep you focused and productive. It’s time to reveal

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