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writing tips
Pawan Kumar

Writing Tips: 59 Industry Experts Are Sharing Their Best Advice

Are you a newbie writer? Welcome to the magical world of writing! There’s ONE great thing about writing is: Whatever stage you’re at, you can keep improving your skills and honing your craft.  When it comes to writing – new writers and bloggers are always looking for the “Secret Advice.” The good news? I reached

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User generated content
Content Marketing
Joe Peters

How to Include User-Generated Content in Your Content Strategy

The internet marketing landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. As technology evolves, so do the means by which companies can connect and interact with their audience. Native advertising is an integral part of any sophisticated content strategy, especially as consumers become increasingly aware (and suspicious) of overt attempts to ‘sell’ to them. Native

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seo tips for bloggers
Sristhi Agarwal

11 Practical SEO Tips for Bloggers to Make SEO Game Strong

SEO is just the technical aspect of blogging, but no one ever said it’s complicated.  As a blogger, you don’t have to dig in too much information or buy an SEO mastery course to make it work. Just simple SEO basics can be a total winner. (Still don’t have a blog? Start here or here)

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build brand identity
Namrata Kashyap

How to Build a Unique Brand Identity In 2020

Do you think you are selling just a product? Ahh… Don’t be stupid.  BMW is more than a car. Starbucks is not just a coffee. iPhone is never just a phone. Coca Cola is way more than a soda.  When saying just “Coke,” you can imagine that red color logo or that ribbon-like white line

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linkedin tips
Social Media
Pawan Kumar

How to Use LinkedIn Featured Section To Showcase Your Best Work

Are you making your LinkedIn profile powerful? Wondering how to leverage the power of LinkedIn featured section? In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn featured section to showcase the work you are most proud of. What Is the Featured Section? According to LinkedIn: “The Featured section is a new area on your LinkedIn

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